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Last Words
Even if I may die
Until my very last breath
My feelings and my words
They would still remain the same
As I lose my life, softly, clearly uttering
To keep true with this feeling
Slowly whispering my love, your name
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I'm still here
In this place
Right where you left me
I'm still stuck
In this time
Right when you broke me
Thinking how
Thinking why-
-should I be happy again
-Without you in my life.
:icondeusreiter:deusreiter 1 0
If I May
I long for you
each passing day
I hate myself
for feeling this way
I Love You
are words I shall not say
If only there are
such words that even I can convey
One by one
Through each passing day
I find myself afraid
That these words
To you
Will become something I should not say
Can I know the truth
If I May?
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The Sleepless Night. by deusreiter The Sleepless Night. :icondeusreiter:deusreiter 0 0 Starshot Synapse by deusreiter Starshot Synapse :icondeusreiter:deusreiter 1 0
Even Beyond Death
Wrap your arms around me,
Imprint your scent
                               onto mine
         our souls with warmth
Let it bear love
                         inside our hearts
Etch it all in writing
Keep it alive and burning
Inside the very beat of our hearts
Emanating out of our very breath
 and ever
Even Beyond Death.
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My Poem for Someone.
"Oh what light it is that you give to my dark heart
Oh is that what I've longed for from the very start
Not just shine but brightness
Just your very smile destroys my sadness
So smile, smile more my love
For with that glorious light,
My heart takes flight
Like a dove
Henceforth it is why, never question why I long for your happiness my darling
For it is also in my happiness to gaze at that starlike shining
Of that smile I see as rare as I see lightning"
                             ,Yours Truly
:icondeusreiter:deusreiter 2 10
Come night
Come day
Always will I be here to stay
Be it your worse
Be it your best
Always will I be here to stay
May it be pain
May it be relief
Always will I be here to stay
Be it as it may that
Such dark times come this way
Please do not forget
You are not alone
For if it is with you
Through anything
Beside you is where I'll be
Hand in hand.
Through anything we'll survive.
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On woven walls of hurt and despair
Built to ward off all that's unfair
Though the words to say wouldn't get through
Still, the sound of my heartbeats reach to you.
:icondeusreiter:deusreiter 1 0
Tread lightly on Frozen Waters
May there anything be like
So much that you would not see
So blind for what comes to be
To think that all the spite
Would wrap fingers around hearts
Only to crush from within, erasing all light
Would run and run to the ends and depths
Only to find sorrow, despair, and countless deaths
Chills from my spine erode my confidence
As these abilities of despair reach beyond transcendence
It all must be, so it must
Musings such as that
Fade to rust
Bringing destruction
At the tip of a hat
A miserable concoction
Born from hearts lust
:icondeusreiter:deusreiter 1 0
I didn't really know,
Since when have I felt so low
To think this pain is nothing,
Slowly rising into something
Something from this yearning,
Ever so slightly burning
Brightly shining

:icondeusreiter:deusreiter 1 0
-Lying, waiting in bed-
-Typing, erasing words to be unsaid-
:icondeusreiter:deusreiter 1 0
Starlight Salvation
Though rain may fall
While the sun disappears into the darkness
Through it I crawl
Guided by the stars and its brightness
:icondeusreiter:deusreiter 0 0
Big Moon by deusreiter Big Moon :icondeusreiter:deusreiter 2 0
Do not let those measly beings stare you down, for you are above them
A Star is what you are, shining so bright, up high, so far
Don't let the loss of your glimmer be something to consider, for your beauty is something that will never wither
You are what you are,
I am what I am
You are the star,
and I am a man
Admiring from afar
With all that I am.
:icondeusreiter:deusreiter 1 0
I wish that one day
My words would go through
Through that head of yours
That head that keeps saying that
You're shit you're shit
I hope those words would be replaced by mine
By my words that says
You don't have to be the best in their eyes
You need only be the best for yourself
You can take all those problems on your own
The thing is you don't have to
You are the best thing that's ever happened to me
And I stand by that
You are the best person I've ever met
Trust me on that
I will stay by your side through thick and thin
Believe that
I swear to make you happy just as you have made me
I will do everything I can
There's so much more where that came from
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deusreiter's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Literature
I am a writer, though I could hardly be defined as one.
Since it's a path I could hope to run to.
All I do is simply put words on paper - though not really
I make visualize them in my mind then write them.
But that's not what I am, some may think otherwise
but I'm not that really of a great person either.
I'd have to literally try hard not to bore people
when all I do is write W O R D S.
words fitting to what I have felt
beautiful and appealing sentences.
All I do is write words words
Hoping the W O R D S I strive to write
will stay here to be remembered.


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